What are free investment credits, parallel to credit cards?

Free investment credits, parallel to credit cards allow an instant increase in available capital. They are credits that are easily obtained, and are ideal to face emergency situations. Free investment credits, parallel to credit cards, offer the possibility of easily acquiring additional financing. These loans are granted in parallel to the financing of credit cards, […]

Loans to buy land

Buying land can be a great idea Buying land can be a great idea depending on what you want to do with it. Most people use them to build homes, buildings or structures that help them generate more income in the future, so it could be said to be a smart investment. However, there is […]

Retirement loans or online pensioners

Are you over sixty years old? Are you worried about your age to get a loan ? Perhaps the fact of not having a permanent job is an impediment? Quiet! There are loans for online retirees that you can access. Learn more about this new offer. Why can you access an online loan? Unlike the […]

Mortgages being in Financial Credit Institutions | Loans

In Credimash we are specialized in the granting of mortgages while in Financial Credit Institutions. How is it possible that if someone is in Financial Credit Institutions can access a mortgage? Because Credimash is not a bank entity to use, but we have a portfolio of private providers that are willing to lend you the […]

General Restrictions Of Life Insurance Know Them!

Life insurance is an economic protection that supports the beneficiaries of the holder before their impending death. But there are some situations that the insurer considers as invalid in order to have access to these types of benefits. Do you want to know which ones? Here we tell you.   Insurance exclusions Exclusions from a […]

Loan guarantees from the Wear Prevention Fund

The Ministry of Economy and Finance has allocated 27 million euros in order to facilitate loans to families and businesses, in particular those resident in the areas hit by seismic events in recent years. The measure will make it possible to favor the possibility of accessing loans from the banking system thanks to the State […]

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